Thursday, 21 February 2008


I have the exercise happenning but the diet is a bit of a problem. To cut a long story short I told my boss that if he was going to punish me on Jacobs ladder each week (yes did it again) then I needed incentive and the weight loss was not enough. With the help of my fellow co worker R we managed to convince him and also get him to sign an agreement ...

Now to back track a little. Sam has recently purchased a DVD by Sean T that is full of Hip Hop Ab sessions. It looks gay but it is lots of fun. My boss thinks it sounds hilarious and doesn't think there would be any benefit to it. I however, having done it twice, can already feel my back muscles getting stronger.

As many of you know my boss also runs a mile when I mention the word scrapbooking.

So the agreement is that he will participate in the following .... if .... (it is signed, dated and witnessed)!
  1. if I lose 7.5kg in 5 months he will do a 40 minute session of Hip Hop abs
  2. If I lose 20 kg in 12 months he will come along to a 2 hour card making session on a Sunday afternoon. (I'm thinking Stampin' Up Party here we come).

The thought of him sitting there doing cards is enough to get me off the iced coffee so I have told my team what is happennin and they are all baracking for me. If they catch me wih coffee then I wll have to pay hem $10. I need my money more than my coffee.

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Ruth said...

:) You have a great boss, I can't think of any of my bosses who would do anything like that for me.

I want pictures of the abs session lol!