Sunday, 10 February 2008

Busy Busy Busy

My week is getting so full now that I bearly have time to get on and blog and, Heaven forbid, no craft work!!!! If I don't blog during the week I am going to try and do it on the weekend.

The weekend is here now and that means time to spend in the studio. I finally finished the story book I was making last night. The photos are below. I am really happy with it. All in all there is probably $60 worth of products involved but I figure scrap booking and the enjoyment I get from making things for other people far outways a session at any therapist and therefore I am saving money.

I have used a variety of papers but the majority is Basic Grey. They have a lovely girly paper pack out with princess/royal rub ons to match. I love it and it is good to scrap for a girl for once and not the numerous boys that seem to be around the place. I have also used some Tres Jolee papers which match the Basic Grey wonderfully. All in all I had fun creating this. It will be something for mum to pull out on those special occaisions for the embarrassment factor!

As promised I have also included the photos of the items I made at my Stampin' Up party. The first one is a box that can open up flat.

I love this card. To get the sunset colours a multie coloured stamp pad and plain roller were used. A circle was punch out of a post it note and stuck to the page to create the sense of the setting sun.
Last but not least, the friends card. There is a small tool that you can purchase to distress the edges of the paper. I find the edge of scissors works just as well.

Well folks that is it for the craft. I really need to tidy my studio. It is still in a mess from when I made my fathers album and I have made the story book and a monthly challenge as well! I might take before and after photo's just to show you how large a space I have to work in and how quickly it can become a space not much bigger that a 12x12 sheet of paper!
Diet wise I am having major problems giving up the coffee. When Sam was here the other week for our circuit training she saw I had a mouthful left in a glass and poured it down the sink. Speaking of circuit she will be here this afternoon. At least it isn't has hot as what last Sunday was. We were dripping and that was inside with the air-con on. I still have Jacob's ladder to look forward to on Wednesday as well!!! I think I will need divine intervention for that one.


Ruth said...

Wow, Kerin! Very cool!! The book is wonderful, and I love that little box.

Gwen said...

Kerin, that is just so cool. So creative. I wish I had a teensy bit of that creativity!