Sunday, 24 February 2008

Exercise Plan

Just finished a 30 minute session of Hip Hop Abs. It is so much fun and really works you. I have and exercise program now. It is as follows:
  • Sunday - Hip Hop Abs with Sam
  • Monday - Pilate's
  • Tuesday - Circuit with Sam
  • Wednesday - Jacobs Ladder
  • Thursday - Whatever I feel like
  • Friday and Saturday - days of rest.

In four weeks I am supposed to do Jacobs ladder twice. The only way I can do that is to not use the elevators at work (i am on the 4Th floor). I have my whole team behind me helping me and giving me advice.

My bosses wife wants to come and do hip hop abs with us once the baby is born. I think that will be fun. She is really nice. She will also meet us at Jacobs ladder and so some exercise there as well. Oh and for all of you who think my boss is nice ... he said that he would rather be thought of as a Sadist. You decide.

Anyway it is time for the Biggest Loser to start soon (my inspiration) so I will leave it here. I will be weighing and measuring in at the end of the month. Ruth has got my figures so far so I will get her to let me know how well I have done (or bad). I know I haven't lost any weight but if I haven't lost some cm off my thighs there will be hell to pay!!!

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