Wednesday, 13 February 2008

What a day

The issues started at 2:30 am this morning when I suddenly awoke screaming due to a bad cramp in my left calf (I know I am exercising when I start cramping). Normally when it is that bad I tend to limp for the next couple of days. All I could see in my future were stairs. I thought my boss is going to think I am making excuses to get out of this so I stayed awake for the next 15 minutes rubbing heat cream in it, stretching and walking about to get it to stretch out.

Consequently I awoke late and left for work half an hour late. I got half way there to find out that there had been a 3 car pile up at one of the major arteries to the city that I go through. Traffic was banked up at least 4km. I realised that by the time I got to work I would have to turn around and leave for a 10am appointment (which happened to be on the way to work). I phoned to see if I could come in early only to be told they had been expecting me at 9am (which was wrong) and it was now 9:20. Anyway I went to the appointment and it was finished in little time.

My day was looking up from there until after work I was looking down Jacob's Ladder. Yes today was D day or should I say J day. JACOBS %$&%* Ladder. I saw no angels on that stairway!! My boss wanted me to try twice but I understand now why people on the biggest loser throw up because I felt sick after going easy the first time. He did it four times. We then went back into the park and he decided it was time for sit ups and push ups. (Thank God I got out of lunges). He had me doing 10 sit ups; turn around and 9 push ups, turn around and 8 sit ups, turn around and 7 push ups.

Lets just say I am lucky I managed to drive home because I legs and arms were jelly!!! I have a 6 week plan though. In 6 weeks I will be doing it twice. (Cough cough).

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Ruth said...

Wow, Kerin, you are amazing. Seriously I'm so proud of you. You make me feel guilty that all I'm doing is walking up and down the hill to work each day...

And you can totally do it twice in six weeks!